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The Fundamentals of Nutrition

Please see below on some important information relating to creating nutritional balance

Nutritional values

Micro nutrients

We can get a lot of our micro nutrients from vegetables. Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals which help to promote cell growth and general body function. We can of course use supplements to add to our vitamin intake but the best quality vitamins and minerals come from our vegetables. Leafy green vegetables have a higher quantity of micro nutrients, so we want to include plenty of these within our diet at all times, despite our goals.

Organic Vegetables

Nutrition for fat loss

Every body responds differently to nutrition habits, however the one common theme is that we need to be in a calorie deficit if we want to lose body fat. This involves working out your body's maintenance calories, depending on your age, gender, height and activity levels, and subtracting calories from there. Usually a good calorie deficit would be 200-500 calories under maintenance but every case is unique. I will always gradually take calories down where necessary to ensure we keep energy levels and performance to an optimum level.

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