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Social Hacks

Below are some of the common obstacles we can come across whilst working through a fitness program. I never want my clients to feel like they need to miss out on the joys of life whilst working towards what they want. Cutting things out is not realistic and will not help long term. Here are some tips that can help us over come these hurdles and put ourselves first whilst still enjoying the regularities of life.



Family events

For some, a family event is a rarity while for some its a regular catch up with loved ones over delicious food and exquisite drink. During a buffet or barbecue style setting, where food has been prepared on mass, a "one plate rule" can help to keep us on track throughout the day. Where its is hard to track a mishmash of foods, one plate is not going to overhaul your progress. This is will keep you enjoying the event whilst also feeling in control of your progress, by controlling the variable you can.


Going out for dinner

Unless its a surprise - Usually we tend to know where we will be eating out throughout the week, giving us plenty of time to check the menu of the proposed dinner spot, so we can see which meals would work well with the calories and macros we are sticking to. Doing this will again give us a greater sense of control and lead to more good decisions throughout the week.

Holiday Resort



During your holiday, its best to find some non negotiable targets to hit whilst also making a plan for your meals. An amount of steps to reach and water to drink are easy targets to meet. Planning meals is also helpful. One way to look at meals, is to give yourself a limit on certain meals. During a holiday usually breakfast is a smaller meal, lunch too if not smaller / non existent, and dinner is the celebration. It may be an idea to have a small (alcohol free) breakfast and lunch and so you feel less guilty about enjoying your dinner with a glass of something bubbly.


Going out for drinks

Like everything, preparation is key. If you plan your drinks before a boozy evening, this can help massively. You can think about what you are likely to drink, and put some limits in place as to how many glasses of each drink you will have. This will help you stay in control whilst also enjoying socialising, and due to this you may find you drink even less than planned when you input your drinks into MyFitnessPal.

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