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How to increase your protein intake

A lot of us don't eat nearly enough protein on a daily basis, but protein is a major catalyst in a change in body composition, so its incredibly important we are eating enough during this time. Below are some easy ways to increase your protein levels on a daily basis.



Centre all your meals around your protein

I find centering all meals around protein first helps massively. You can think about a high protein food you like and plan the rest of the meal around this, keeping the carbs and fats secondary. E.g Grilled fish with roasted vegetables and couscous. Or a Tofu poke bowl.


High protein snacks

Protein snacks may take a little more planning than carb and fat snacks but they will leave you more satiated and will help to increase your protein levels without having to get through a big meal. Examples are, hard boiled eggs, chicken breast and roasted edamame 



Protein additives

Protein additives are always helpful, and can come in the form of protein yoghurts and shakes which are available in a variety of flavours in both dairy and dairy free.


Eat your protein first 

This may seem like a no brainer but a meal can feel particular heavy when you're constantly trying to fit every element in. Eating the protein on your plate first can help a lot with this, then you can make your way through the rest of the meal, knowing your protein levels haven't suffered.

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